Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gift Tip #72: Charmed Necklaces

Charmed necklaces can be an everyday accessory (think: Moms with charms that represent her kids) or something that your bestie/auntie/numero uno puts on to make her outfit pop. When choosing a charm necklace be sure to pick one that reflects the personality and style of the giftee. Does she like to travel? Maybe a charm necklace with bicycles, trains and planes would be a perfect gift. Is she into the new trend of the season? Find the new "it" item and make sure that charm is included on her necklace. Once you find the perfect necklace, wrap it up real nice and present it to her...she'll be charmed, I'm sure!

Nec Glamour Jewelry "Parisian Chic" Charm Necklace, hsn.com

Buddha's Blessing, charmedanddangerous.net

Ornate Golden Snitch Necklace with Owl Charm. etsy.com; seller: trinketsforkeeps

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