Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy (Holiday) Weekend

Happy Weekend! Have you arrived at the beach yet? I must admit, I am pretty jealous for everyone lounging at the beach this weekend. Enjoy! 

If you are at the beach or some other destination, be sure to pick up a small gift for those that couldn't join you (oh, woe is me!) like a box of salt water taffy or a little sand in a bottle. Yes, these gifts are a little cheesy but it screams "beach" and who cares? On a non-cheesy note, one thing that I like to do at the beach is pick up seashells while walking along the beach. When I get home, I place in a clear vase to remember my trip all year long! You should try's one of those free gifts:)

If you aren't at the are a few other options:

Go on a shopping spree for Memorial Day. There are many sales at local boutiques and stores. Take advantage of these deals and stock up your gift closet.
Lay out at the pool with your bestie. Don't forget to bring the gift of poolside fun: snacks, music, sunscreen and water!

Find a rooftop and enjoy the view! If you are in Charlotte, try one of the uptown condos....they all seem to have a great view of the city and some boast a pool too.


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