Friday, June 1, 2012

Gift of the Weekend

TGIF, people! Happy Weekend! As with every weekend, I hope that you are able to do something you actually want to do instead of what you have to do. Cutting the grass, be damned this weekend...get out and do something fun!  Here are a few last minute gift options...and remember last minute does not mean thoughtless! Each of these ideas should bring a smile to the giftee's face:

Stop by the East Blvd Sidewalk Sale and get great deals from various retailers including Laura James Jewelry, Cottage Chic, Summerbird and more. You are sure to pick up a great gift for yourself or some lucky giftee. To take it a step further, why not stroll the sidewalk with your BF (best friend or boyfriend, whatever) and tell them they can pick out one item and you'll foot the bill.

Have a Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze moment (remember Ghost?) and take your sweetheart to Clayworks, Inc and participate in Muddy Fun Saturdays, where you can get on the wheel and let your imagination take hold. Hey, it's okay if the end result is a lopsided clay bowl.

Pick up your love's favorite sweet treat and surprise them. Hey, if it's Dairy Queen, take a ride for a late night snack together. Sit out on a bench or in your car and chat while enjoying the summer breeze....

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