Monday, June 4, 2012

The Spotlight: Nidasii

Nidasii bath and body care company began organically (rightfully so since the ingredients are all natural) in 2004 by Nicole Perkins, a cutie pie who currently lives in Harlem. The company name is actually made up of her name and the names of her two sisters, Danya and Sica (nickname). The product line includes sugar butter scrubs, body butter and sugar rush scrubs. I got the chance to try out the mango-go body butter (Thanks, Nicole!) and while there are alot of body butters on the market, this one seemed different. Maybe it was the whipped texture, being chemically-free or just the love that went into the packaging. The packaging is simple but impactful and includes the tagline: experience beauty naturally. I could see it catching the eye of many ladies in a cute boutique or store.
Nicole's desire to create such products came from her being a self-proclaimed beauty product junkie and a specific need--she had chronic eczema as a child and she needed a product to help her dry skin. Growing up, she would purchase various products and mix them together to create the right consistency and moisture level for her skin. Finally, she began creating her own products for personal use but it was when others began asking for the products that the company was born.
Nicole shared with me that creating each product was trail and error and she likes to source the best ingredients. For her, quality is key. She is open to expanding her line and is currently looking for boutiques to carry her body butter and scrubs. Right now, all her products can be found online and today is the launch of the Nidasii Beauty Concierge where Manhattan residents can have products delivered to you wherever you are (i.e. gym, home, work, etc) during the month of June!

Fun facts about Nidasii:
  • Nidasii's products are multifunctional--Nicole uses the body butter products to moisturize her hair and the sugar rush scrubs can be used to cleanse and exfoliate.
  • The company name is not only made up of each sister's name/nickname, it also goes in chronological order of their birth.
  • In the beginning, Nicole researched ways to create products with everyday food grade products found in her kitchen cabinets.
  • Nicole knew she had a “passionate obsession”when all her free time was spent in front of the computer researching recipes and ingredients.

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