Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Way To Upgrade A Gift Certificate

The 2011-2012 Young Affiliates of the Mint (YAM) Museum President, Emily Walker has achieved great milestones at the helm of the museum's young professionals group and as her term came to a close on June 30th, all YAM board members* decided to give her a well-deserved parting gift. Emily also recently got engaged to the love of her life, Brad and the parting gift turned into a wedding gift too.

Once the gift was decided upon--a gift certificate for a wine train excursion in Napa Valley (where they will go on their honeymoon) I offered to elevate the gift experience. I put on my thinking cap and I came up with a creative way to package the gift certificate. Once I had all my ideas together, it was off to the wine store (priorities!) and then a local craft store. I picked up a bottle of champagne (I thought this would be an unexpected touch as they probably expected wine. In addition, I feel all celebrations should include bubbly), wine crate, glasses, spanish moss and grapes. I even snagged a complimentary wine tasting in Napa Valley, after discussing my idea with the wine store attendant. Here's the outcome:

Sorry--no pre pics but here is the box all put together
The wine crate is normally used to transport wine bottles but I used the crate to create a "scene" in a box
Emily holding the wine crate after each board member shared their well wishes on the top of the box in a silver pen

*Disclosure: I am a current board member for YAM's 
Source: My camera
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