Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gift of the Weekend

Weekend time, folks! Want to put a smile on someone's face in the next two days? Here are a few last minute gift tips...and remember last minute does not mean thoughtless! Check out these options for a lucky giftee...

After this festive week with 4th of July celebrations, you may want to stay in....and by all means do so if that's how you feel...but it would not be me if I did not recommend a few low-key gift options. I would recommend  making it a "Redbox" night so you are not Rent your family's favorite movie, gather everyone's favorite treats and have a laugh/sing/cuddle the night away. The key is including everyone's faves to make this a four star movie night.

Next up, looking for a little yoga in your life? Take your beau or BFF to Studio K for a free yoga class on Saturday. Afterwards, you can check out art in the space. Namaste.

On Sunday, swing by The Harvey B. Gantt Center and see the film, Body and Soul which is apart of their "Oscar, Spencer and Paul" series that highlights Black cinema pioneers Oscar Micheaux, Spencer Williams and Paul Robeson.


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