Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HoneeBee Gifts buzzes around SouthPark Magazine (blvd. section & more!)


For the December issue of SouthPark Magazine, I was able to go beyond my normal contributor duties of working on the blvd. section. I also wrote the "Lost Art of Dinner" article on the roaming dinner and activity club, Relish Carolina and my do's and don'ts of gift giving was featured by Olivia Fortson in the Swirl section. In addition, the blvd. section was expanded due to the holiday season and I was able to get even more creative with the section by interviewing a local mixologist  Nicholas Glass with Delta's Restaurant, bakery (Polka Dot Bake Shop) and stationary shop (Paper Twist). In addition I worked directly with the photographer setting the holiday scene for blvd. section of the publication.  It felt great to have an expanded role with one of my all-time favorite magazines...how lucky am I?!
Anyhoo, be sure to pick up the December issue of SouthPark Magazine and shameless plug...be sure to check out--
blvd. section beginning on page 17
Do's and Don'ts for gifting on page 22
The Lost Art of Dinner article highlighting Relish Carolina on page 42
Some of the articles can be found online throughout the month. For example The Lost Art of Dinner is up now but you can also pick up copies of the magazine  here.
SouthPark Magazine is a speciality publication under the Charlotte Observer family. It is Charlotte's premier luxury lifestyle magazine and highlights various topics including fashion, travel, philanthropy and more.
source: southparkmagazine.com
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