Monday, November 26, 2012

Say Thanks with Sweet Stationary

I wrote a short article on fun & beautiful stationary centered around giving thanks for friends and family around the Thanksgiving holiday for Shecky's. While Thanksgiving has passed, just about all the cards can be used throughout the year. You can also give the box set as a present to a lucky giftee...and to make the gift extra special...why not scribe a note to the giftee on why you are thankful for them in your life? It will skyrocket the gift to the next level. Below is an excerpt to the post written for Shecky's.
Thanksgiving is a time when most give thanks to the people and moments that have enriched their lives throughout the year. Many family and friends gather over a delicious spread of food, fun and laughter, but while there are many highly regarded traditions that take place during this time of the year, there is one tradition that I look forward during this time—going around the room, right before dinner and sharing what I am most thankful for! This year, I thought it’d be nice to take this tradition a step further and thank my loved ones with a handwritten note. Here are six sweet stationary gift sets to say “thanks” to someone who has made an impact (small or large) on your life at some point this year! See my stationary picks here.

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