Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Mom some love

Mother's Day is almost here and if your Mom is anything like mine you must show her some love on Mother's Day. My Mom is one of the best Moms ever and deserves special attention and love everyday but May 10th is her day and I plan to let her know!

I have included some suggestions for your Mom below. A couple I have highlighted in my blog previously but I have also included new ideas and low-cost options. Feel free to check out my five suggestions below but also peruse my blog for many more ideas.

Five gift suggestions for Mother’s Day from HoneeBee Gifts….
1. Taste Book: a custom made cookbook that organizes all handwritten recipes and magazine clippings into a personalized cookbook. You can include photos and have it delivered straight to your Mother’s door. HoneeBee suggests making the cookbook have a theme that relates to your Mom and setting up the cookbook via

2. Stationary: The art of the personal, handwritten note seems to be slipping away but it is such a nice way to send a hello or catch up with someone miles away…even in the Internet age. 2. 2. Stationary can do all these things and every time your Mom writes something on the stationary she will think about who gave her such a beautiful way to stay connected to others. HoneeBee recommends Crane’s stationary and Kate Spade who also has a nice line of cards. HoneeBee also loves Papyrus stores so check out their online website or their closest store location for great finds.

3. Day of Relaxation: Most women will love a day at the spa—getting pampered and primped but HoneeBee wants you to take it a step further. Try bringing the pampering to your Mom. Ask the pampering professionals (massage therapist, nail technician, make-up artist, etc) to come to your Mom. Most of these professionals would be happy to do so. Having the specialists come to her will make her feel like the Queen she is and that is what will make this gift extra special and not your run of the mill spa day. HoneeBee recommends massage therapist, Stefen Palmer, licensed massage therapist.

4. “Enhance Mommy’s hobby” gift: Every Mom has a hobby or something she likes to do, whether, its scrapbooking, gardening, creating art or traveling. This gift idea is to give her a present related to that hobby. HoneeBee recommends a few different options. For example, if gardening is her thing create a garden basket with her favorite plant or herb that she’ll be planting for summer along with new garden tools. If traveling is her thing and she loves Spanish-speaking countries but has never been to Dominican Republic, get her a plane ticket, if art is her thing arrange for her to meet her favorite up and coming artist—you get it!

5. Mother’s Day Coupon: This is a great gift if you want to do something special but the funds may be a bit low. Create a coupon on your computer or on a snazzy note card and write in what your gift is to your Mom. HoneeBee has a few suggestions. Some suggestions include: “Dinner on me” or “My cleaning services for a day” or “A subscription to your favorite magazine”. Most of all you must follow through when your Mom is ready to cash in her coupon and I am sure she will love your thoughtfulness. Just because the funds are low doesn’t mean the creativity has to be.

In addition, please be mindful when purchasing a gift. If you know she hates to cook, maybe the Taste Book is not the best gift for her!

By the way, if she is hinting at something, save yourself some trouble and just get it, within reason. Other gifts probably won’t please her as much and you are setting yourself up for failure. Plus, once you see the smile on her face (and in her eyes) you will know you made the right choice.

If you don’t have time or are just still unsure on what to get Mom this year, please do not hesitate to contact HoneeBeeGifts at

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Julie Lynette D. said...

The spa is a great idea. We gave mom a day at the spa gift last Mother's Day. She enjoyed spending an entire day being pampered with a facial, pedicure, manicure, moments in the relaxation lounge with tea, and lunch. This year we are going to do that again but add hair care and maybe a massage. Robert Andrews Day Spa in Gambrills, MD really impressed her particular taste. :-) She is still talking about it!


Great ideas Simone! Keep up the good work!

HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks, Julie. Good suggestion on the spa...I'm sure those in Maryland will have to check it out.

For those Mom's that don't want to venture out, you can always bring the spa to them.

Thanks for sharing, Julie!