Monday, May 4, 2009

The Spotlight: Soothing Touch Bodyworks

Who doesn't need a good massage every once in a while? It is one of the best ways for me to relax, relate and release and Soothing Touch Bodyworks (STBW) takes it a step beyond the "brick and mortar" studio.

STBW will come to you with all the essentials a massage is supposed to include-and get this-in addition to being mobile, STBW will host a spa party for you...bringing in all the elements for a girls night in or a pampering party. Need a manicurist- no problem? Estheticians-no worries! How fun it that? I could see me and my girlfriends doing this...almost like a grown-up slumber party!

From the horse's mouth (i.e. their website)
Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, Stefen Palmer, strives to be the best massage services provider and takes pride in serving his clients. Stefen puts his heart and soul into his work and it shows. Practicing massage in various upscale resorts and spas for over 3 years, Stefen has taken the time to hone his skills. He spends much of his time teaching about health and wellness while enjoying the blessings of impacting other peoples lives. Stefens’ purpose and mission is to serve others and to transform them to living a more happy and healthy lifestyle. At Soothing Touch, clients are #1 and Stefen can’t wait to put you on the fast track to living pain and stress-free. Stefen will do his very best to exceed your expectations.

Get to know the person behind the business
I was able to ask Stefen a few questions...check out the responses:

Essential Business philosophy: Live life healthy and stress-free
What inspired you start the business: I wanted to go my own direction
What was your most favorite gift given: Energy and healing
Top lesson learned in business: Plan and perform ( Get your mind right, prepare and do it!)What sets your brand apart from competitors: Personalization, I really cater to my clients and care for their well-being.
What are the next steps for your company: I would love to grow into a full spa and somehow use this as a stepping stone to go with a non-profit organization I've been thinking about.

Fun Facts about massage:
  • Today, 39 million American adults – more than one out of every six – get at least one massage each year
  • In 1996, massage therapy and bodywork was officially offered for the first time as a core medical service in the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, and nationally certified practitioners provided key medical services
  • Companies that offer massage therapy as an employee benefit include: Allstate, Best Buy, Cisco Systems, FedEx, Gannett (USA Today), General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, JC Penney, Kimberly-Clark, Texas Instruments and Yahoo
Bzzzzz: Be sure to ask Stefen about the HoneeBee discount Soothing Touch Bodyworks ( is offering for the HoneeBee guys and girls! See how I look out for yall:)

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