Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gift Tip #46: The Ellement of Personal Style

The ELLEmets of Personal Style book highlights 25 modern fashion icons on how they dress, shop, and live. It was created by two ELLE magazine editors and is put together well. The icons that are featured run from the typical actress/model types but also includes those in the art world, the design world and even a TV producer. I appreciate that ELLE looks beyond the natural scope of who is seen as a fashionista...I know that I have friends that are true fashionistas but their runway is a city street, not a Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Not only does the book have great style shots of the icons but also includes a brief style story, background on their work/careers and of course their style inspirations. Some icons share their fave places to shop, style quotes and what they would wear, if they could only wear one thing.

This is a great book for the fashionista at heart, stylist or anyone with a curiosity towards fashion and celebs.

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