Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Spotlight: HandPicked

You know the store that you always pass by and say that you are going to stop in one day soon? I have a few and this blog helps me to make the effort to just walk on in and see what I find.

Recently, I did that with HandPicked and picked up the cutest bracelet. A friend of mine picked up a nice necklace for her sister too. Both pieces were different and unique. I was told mine was hot off the item that had just been delivered to the store. I'm sorry that I don't have pics of those purchases but I do have a few that I might have to go back for. They are:

Antique Coral Earrings (on sale for $16.80)

Pearl Cuff ($26.60)
Antique Tear Drop Pendant ($42.00)

These items are also available online via In addition to costume jewelry, Handpicked carries HP Originals (items made in limited quantities and handcrafted), trendy pieces, sterling silver, accessories and can even monogram appropriate jewelry.

These pieces would be great for a girlfriend and Handpicked is definitely guy-friendly. The staff knows their jewelry and were completely nice. Since I stopped in around the holidays I got to see plenty of guys who had no clue what to purchase their significant others but knew that she shopped Handpicked. One guy said he was purchasing a stocking stuffer. Yes, the holidays are over but gifting is all year! Instead of a stocking stuffer, just lay a cute bracelet or ring on her pillow like a chocolate before turn down service:)

Check out the Handpicked story straight from the source...
From the horse's mouth (i.e. their website):
It began as more than a love of fashion, but a passion for the land and people of Mexico. With a desire to bring meaning to her life and a calling to unite the village markets of Mexico and her home country, HandPicked was born. Through her vision, Melanie Mauldin not only built her own family business, but helped build better lives for the families of silversmiths that have created HandPicked treasures for the past 20 years. And, even today, Melanie continues to work to improve the quality of life for women in those villages.
By offering handcrafted sterling silver jewelry that represents value, HandPicked has evolved from home shows and holiday markets to a family-owned chain of stores in three states. Our company's mission is important - provide a fun environment which helps women express who they are or who they want to be.


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